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Non-credit Courses

Comann Luchd Ionnsachaidh Thoronto

Levels and Conversational Learning Expectations

Level 1

- complete beginner with no knowledge of Scottish Gaelic: at the end of 20 hours of instruction, the student should be familiar with and be able to talk about the following -

- introduce yourself and others
- ask how someone is and reply
- ask where someone is from and reply
- use some personal names and placenames
- say thank you
- start a conversation by talking about the weather
- introduce a spouse / partner / friend
- ask where someone is going and say where you are    going
- ask where someone works and say where you work
- ask where someone lives and say where you live
- ask and say what something is like
- point something out
- ask someone's age and give your own age
- give your address
- talk about your family
- ask someone s name and reply
- describe people
- say what you have
- ask and say what someone is doing
- use some numbers

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Level ll

- in addition to the learning objectives from Level 1, at    the end of 20 hours of instruction the student should be    able to :

- express likes and dislikes
- talk about other people's likes and dislikes
- gives reasons for likes and dislikes
- tell the time
- discuss pastimes
- ask what someone wants
- say what you want and tell what others want
- talk about prices and transactions
- say please
- say goodbye
- talk about present actions
- ask for and give information over the phone
- report what someone is saying
- report what someone is thinking
- thank someone for something

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Level lll

- in addition to the learning objectives from Level 1 &, the    student cover the following topics while working on    their converstion and listening skills:

- identify yourself on the phone
- ask for others on the phone
- make comparisons
- apologise
- ask and say where someone is from
- ask and say what occupation someone has
- talk about conditions at work
- describe places
- ask for and give simple directions and instructions
- describe a building
- say where something is in relation to other things
- express a desire
- learn to express ordinal numbers
- talk about actions and events that have happened
- express feelings and opinions
- name days, months, seasons, and main holidays
- talk about future actions
- say what someone may or can do
- say what someone must do
- say what will happen under certain conditions

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Level lV

- the student will be expected to be able to conduct the    majority of the class in Gaelic, with grammar points    being explained in English as needed, in addition to    the following:

- work on idioms
- work on advanced grammar topics
- tell simple stories
- understand aural stories without English translation
- read simple stories
- hone conversational skills

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