The short film Faire Chaluim MhicLeòid, a 6 minute short filmed in Cape Breton by local film-makers is going to be released on DVD on May 10th. It available for pre-order for $ 19.95 Can / $ 16.95 US (plus reduced shipping and taxes - Canada only.)

Faire Chaluim MhicLeòid (The Wake of Calum MacLeod) depicts Calum's epic struggle with the tyrannical winds of change, and their master the Baron of the Winds. Battles that were played out in decades of storytelling now envelope Calum in a real life and death blood match. With his children, his community, and his culture at stake, Calum needs to outwit the master of cunning and power. Can one lonely, old Gael in Cape Breton win against these odds" At 6 minutes, this 35mm film propels the viewer through a hippie commune, a hallowed university, a power center of the business world, and screeches to its final amphitheatre in the highlands of Cape Breton.

The DVD contains the film, 3 sub-title options (English sub-titles, Gaelic sub-titles to help Gaelic learners, and no sub-titles.) There is also a special features section with production notes, stills from behind the scenes, Gaelic learning links, bios of project team, and music files with the various music pieces.

The film recently won several awards in the Halifax Independent Film Festival including:

Best Original Screenplay
Achievement in Direction - Narrative
Best Original Music
Achievement in Cinematography

It was also nominated in two others. It has also been nominated for an award at the prestigious Yorkton Film Festival and will appear at the Worldwide Short Film Festival. The music of Mary Jane Lamond is featured and Angus MacLeod of the Gaelic College stars in the role of Calum MacLeòid.

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